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About us

To provide excellent solutions and services, continuing to create maximum value for clients!

  The company pay much attention to the enterprise's cultural construction, which focus on"integrity, realistic, teamwork and innovation" as the core thought and we had put it into practice and achieved a lot. We have constant training and tutorship projects ,what’s more, We have published intramural periodical ' pioneering precision Communication' regularly and organized several colorful activities. Insisted on innovating and creating, based on the guideline ' all the employees should be adapted to the change that they can be sent out or be called back to the company at any time', compete through the way of giving chances to any gifted employees and letting any nonentity come off the duty, the employees in our company are always passionate and energetic, all of which give a huge impetus to the company's becoming famous not only in Chongqing but also to the whole world.
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